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    • 18 major leagues included
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    • [New] Statistics and odds data sheets to help make better trading decisions.

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    What are Expected Goals (xG)?

    Expected goals (xG) calculates how many goals a team should have scored based on the quality of the chances created. It is a more accurate and fairer assessment than shots on targets.

    FootballXG.com provides:

    • xG League Tables across 18 leagues

    • Historical xG match results and analysis.

    • Future match result predictions based on historical analysis of expected goals and team strength.

    Why Expected Goals (xG)?

    The only way to consistently profit from football matches is to find value in the odds and know when there is a strong chance of a goal being scored.

    Expected Goals (xG) provides the insights to help you make better trading decisions.

    xG League Statistics

    Expected goal statistics across 18 major leagues.

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    xG Current Form

    Compare xG home and away form for the last 10 games.

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    Actionable Insights

    Value based predictions backed by statistical analysis.

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    Expected Goals – A smart way to predict football results.

    A statistical approach to predict a team’s percentage chance of winning the game which then can be used to look for value in the betting odds.

    The xG method


    Leagues Supported

    Including all major European leagues.


    Data Points

    Incorporated into every prediction.

    Expected Goals (xG) Predictions

    Click on the link to see upcoming game predictions and the trading strategy

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    xG Predictions

    Use the predictions to help make better trading decisions.  Better decisions results in bigger profits.

    • Advice on whether to ‘back’ or ‘lay’.

    • Value matches clearly highlighted.

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    Expected Goal Form Statistics

    Expected goal statistics from the previous 10 games.

    • Use the historical statistics to help validate trading decisions.

    • Expected goals have lower standard deviations to shots.

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    xG Blog

    Insights backed by statistical analysis.

    • Value based predictions based on historical and forward looking analysis.

    • Mindset and other trading advice to help make better trades.

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    Expected Goals – How it works?

    Use historical expected goals scored and conceded to help predict upcoming matches.

    xg how it works

    Invaluable Expected Goals insights

    Check out ‘What is xG?’ for more details on Expected Goals.  If you want details on how Footballxg.com can help take your betting/trading to the next level, then please check out the xG Models section.   Check out the xG League Tables section to see which teams are underperforming and overperforming.  Also check out the following sections below.

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