FootballxG videos to help take your football betting and trading to the next level

More videos coming soon and please also check out these sections of the website:

  • xG League Tables to identify teams who are over/under performing their current points
  • xG Core which includes odds predictions and xG based statistics across 30 leagues to help you identify value bets

Overview of football betting

Video discusses 5 key methods that people use to make money from football betting:

  • Matched Betting
  • Arb betting
  • Following Tipsters
  • Swing trading (market timing)
  • Value Betting

The pros and cons of each are discussed along with how Footballxg fits into the betting space.  The video also includes a brief overview of the In-Play Odds Calculator (IPOC).

Importance of value and xG Core Overview

Video discusses the following key concepts and includes an overview of XgCore

  • How to be long term profitable
  • Value Overview
  • When to place bets
  • How xgCore can help with finding value

System Builder From Historical Data

How to use the xG Core historical data (40,000 games across 30 leagues) to build profitable systems and strategies.

Key topics covered:

  • How to filter to test profitability
  • Importance of still focussing on value
  • Avoiding overfitting

In-play odds calculator (IPOC)

An overview of how the IPOC can be used to help assess for value during in-play.

Key topics covered:

  • The importance of value for in-play trading
  • Examples of how to use the IPOC
  • Updated v3 of the IPOC

Overview of xG Pro

An overview of the xG Pro spreadsheets.

Coming Soon