Profitable football trading is actually not a complicated concept. If you only place bets where the odds are greater than the chance of the event happening, you will be profitable in the long-run. This is the concept known as obtaining value.

The complicated part is working out the chance of the event happening e.g. Everton are 2.0 (50%) to beat Southampton but what is the actual % chance of Everton beating Southampton?

How can help? provides tools, analysis and training to help you identify and obtain value in both pre-match betting and in-play betting. We offer a number of different subscription options to suit every budget:

  1. xG Free provides access to 3 leagues and includes the output of an advanced Poisson model which enables easy identification of games where there appears value in the odds.
  2. xG Core provides access to 30 leagues and includes all the historical data to allow the creation and backtesting of strategies and systems.
  3. xG Pro provides access to 50 leagues and includes additional statistics, odds, models and leagues.
  4. The PROP Model is a stand alone tool for beginners which identifies value from a goals based model.
  5. In-Play Odds Calculator (IPOC) provides an indication of in-play odds for a range of 1st-Half and Full-Time betting markets.

More details on each of these subscription options is below.

1) xG Free (£ 0)

Advanced stats and Poisson model across 3 major leagues.

  • Advanced Poisson model to help identify value in the betting odds.
  • A full range of xG and actual goal statistics (averages covering last 3, 5 and 10 games split by Home and Away teams.  Statistics includes 1st Half, 2nd Half and Full Game)
  • Leagues included:
    • Spanish La Liga
    • English Premier League
    • German Bundesliga

No subscription or registration is required.  The xG Free games are published twice weekly on the blog (Tuesday and Friday around 4pm GMT).

  • Check out the blog for the latest xG Free SpreadsheetxG Free Games.

Also provided for FREE:

  • xG Leagues Tables: covers all 50+ leagues to highlight teams who are currently under or over-performing.
  • xG Form: provides a visual H2H representation of recent xG Form.
Footballxg Spreadsheet

2) xG Core

(£ 19 per month, payable annually)

Advanced stats and Poisson model across all major leagues.

  • Includes the same data and layout as xG Free but also includes:
    • Additional leagues (see right hand column for coverage)
    • Historical data to test out old strategies or create new ones:
      • Data going back to 2017/18 for all the leagues listed
    • Future Data:
      • xG Predictions for the entire season to help identify value when odds are released (NB: future predictions will change as actual results are added into the model).
  • ‘In-Play Odds Calculator’ (IPOC):
    • Explained in detail further down the page
  • xG League tables provide in Excel (csv) format.
Key points to note:
  • All data (upcoming and historical) is provided in Microsoft Excel files and is accessible via a dedicated members area.
  • The following files are provided:
    • xG Core Upcoming Games:
      • Contains the next 8 days worth of games.
      • Data is updated twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday around 4pm GMT).
    • Short-Term Historical and All Future:
      • Contains last months results and all future games.
      • Data is updated twice weekly (Tuesday and Friday around 4pm GMT).
    • All historical data (50,000+ games):
      • Contains the full list of historical games (predictions and results).
      • Results provided to Pinnacle Opening and Closing Prices.
      • Data is updated monthly.
  • The price you lock in now is guaranteed for all future years as long as your subscription remains active.
  • Please check out the videos section for more details on xG Core (videos).

[Please read FAQs at the bottom of the page before subscribing. Please also note that access is set-up manually. Once payment is received, a link to the data files will be sent as soon as possible (with a maximum of 24 hours from receiving your subscription). There are 2 payment options below: (1) ‘PayPal Subscribe’ if you have a PayPal Account, (2) ‘Debit or Credit Card’ if you do not have or want a PayPal Account.  For alternative payment options, please message us through the contact form.]

xG Core 229

Leagues included in xG Core:

  • Argentina Primera Division
  • Australian A-League
  • Austrian Bundesliga
  • Belgian Jupiler League
  • Brasileiro Serie A
  • Danish SAS-Ligaen
  • Dutch Eredivisie
  • English Championship
  • English League One
  • English League Two
  • English Premier League
  • French Ligue 1
  • French Ligue 2
  • German 2 Bundesliga
  • German Bundesliga
  • Greek Super League
  • Italy Serie A
  • Italy Serie B
  • Japanese J League
  • Major League Soccer
  • Mexico Liga MX
  • Norwegian Tippeligaen
  • Portuguese Liga
  • Russian Premier Liga
  • Scottish Premiership
  • Spanish Primera Division
  • Spanish Segunda Division
  • Swedish Allsvenskan
  • Swiss Raiffeisen Super League
  • Turkish Turkcell Super Lig

3) xG Pro

(£ 29 per month, payable annually)

Advanced stats and 4 Poisson models across all major leagues.

  • Provides all the features of xG Core, plus:
  • 8 prediction models based over a range of short and medium term historical data.
    • X-BD (xG Blend): Average of the 3 models shown below
    • X-All (xG All): xG based model based on performance against all away teams (for the home team) and all home teams (for away team).
    • X-TMB (xG Top-Middle-Bottom): xG Based model based on performance against similar ranked opposition (either Top, Middle, or Bottom ranked teams).
    • X-THBH (xG Top Half-Bottom Half):xG Based model based on performance against similar ranked opposition (either Top Half or Bottom Half ranked teams).
    • G-BD (Goal Blend): Power model based on actual goals scored.
    • X-STD (xG Season-to-date): xG Based model based on season-to-date performances against all away teams (for the home team) and all home teams (for away team).
    • G-STD (Goals Season-to-date): Model based on season-to-date goals scored against all away teams (for the home team) and all home teams (for away team).
    • Tissue – Model based on historical odds adjusted for changes in team strength
    • Elo – Prediction based on ELO rating of each team. Elo rating is adjusted after each game and is a unique model that takes account of xG as well as the overall match result.
      • Please check out the example layout for more details.
    • Additional statistics including:
      • Odds moves/trends from open to close (useful for assessing the likely moves in initial betting odds).
      • Likelihood of team winning when scoring or conceding first.
      • Match Results (including Full Time and Half Time xG results)
    • Additional leagues:
      • All the xG Core Leagues plus additional leagues.
    • Stand alone ‘In-Play Odds Calculator’ (IPOC):
      • Explained in detail further down the page.
    • All data (upcoming and historical) is provided in MS Excel format only and are accessible via a dedicated members area:
      • File 1: Upcoming games (next 8 days of games) – updated twice weekly.
      • File 2: Short-Term Historical and All Future (current and prior month data and all future games) – updated twice weekly.
      • File 3: All historical data (90,000+ games) – c.800Mb of data – updated monthly.
  • xG Pro members will have access to everything the website offers (I.e. all new developments and tools will be provided to xG Pro members for no additional subscription) and also includes prioritised support.
  • Still unsure if xG Pro or xG Core is right for you? See the glossary for details of the additional statistics included with xG Pro (link).
  • The price you lock in now is guaranteed for all future years as long as your subscription remains active.
  • Please check the following xG Pro Subscription page for details on how to obtain access.
xG Pro

Additional leagues included in xG Pro:

  • Canada Premier League
  • China Super League
  • Costa Rica Liga FPD
  • Croatia Prva Liga
  • Cyprus First Division
  • Czech Republic Liga
  • India Super League
  • Korea K-League 1
  • Mexico Liga de Expansion
  • Poland Ekstraklasa
  • Serbia Super Liga
  • Slovenia Prva Liga
  • Ukraine Premier League
  • Bolivia LFP Boliviano
  • Brazil Serie B
  • Chile Primera
  • Colombia Primera
  • Ecuador Liga Pro
  • Paraguay Primera
  • Peru Primera
  • Uruguay Primera
  • United States USL Championship

4) Power Ratings PROP Model

(£ 7 per month, payable annually)

Excel team power ratings and historical odds profitability

  • Team power ratings based on historical goals.
  • Power ratings then converted to odds to look for potential value in games.
  • Profitability by teams and leagues when odds fall within ranges of the current Home and Away Odds Prices.
  • Data updated twice a week including provisional odds for the upcoming games (odds can then be manually overridden as needed).
  • Beginner Poisson model also included.

Visit the PROP Model page for more details and please read the FAQs at the bottom of this page before subscribing.

PROP Model

5) In-Play Odds Calculator

(Free with xG Core and xG Pro subscription)

Excel model to predict in-play betting odds

  • Excel model to estimate in-play betting odds.
  • Simply enter the current score, minutes and opening odds.
  • The model will then estimate the odds based on historical outcomes.
  • In the screen shot on the right, when a home team is leading 1-0 at 70 minutes, they have historically gone on to win 78% of games. This suggests fair odds of 1.28. This can be further refined by leagues and opening odds.
  • Statistics covering 1st-half and full time are included.
  • Check out the video for a more detailed overview of the IPOC (video).

IPOC model is included for FREE with xG Pro and xG Core.

In-Play Odds Calculator

No pressure to subscribe and no false promises

  • Footballxg was launched to help people improve their knowledge on identifying value and becoming long term profitable.
  • If you are looking for hot tips and instant riches then we are not for you. Becoming profitable at football betting/trading is not easy and requires hard work and discipline.
  • Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions.


1. Why are the subscriptions only annual?

This is due to several reasons:

  • Profitable football trading is not easy. We want to avoid the people who jump from system to system when they have a couple of losing bets. We want people who are genuinely interested in becoming profitable long term football traders.
  • The subscriptions include access to all the historical data which is worth the annual subscription alone.

2. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We do not offer a money back guarantee. The subscriptions include access to historical data from 2018 which we strongly believe is worth the annual subscription price alone. Standard disclaimers also apply which includes that accepts no financial responsibility for any losses made from using the data provided. Please see the legal section for further details.

3. Are there any discounts?

There are plenty of internet sites that claim their products are worth thousands and then offer a massive discount but only if you sign up within the next 24 hours. We believe our product is the best value on the market and is priced fairly with no gimmicks. Please reach out if you feel there is a better value option available.

4. Are prices fixed?

The price you lock in today will be the price you are locked in at until you decide to unsubscribe.

For people who are unsure of when to subscribe, the expectation is prices will go up as more data and guidance is included.

5. I’m undecided between xG Core and Pro?

Anyone who subscribes to xG Core will be able to upgrade to xG Pro by paying the difference in subscriptions. Nobody will be at a disadvantage from being an xG Core subscriber and then deciding to change over to xG Pro.

6. I’m short of money, which is the best option for me?

The honest answer is none of the options. Sports trading, even when done professionally, is high risk. You could do everything perfectly and still lose money due to variance. Sports trading should only be done with money you can afford to lose. We suggest to stick with the xG Free option with micro stakes until you have money you are willing to risk.

7. I bet on trades identified as value that didn’t win?

The sheets show a predicted xG and the equivalent winning percentages. Just because a trade is showing value, it does not mean it will win. It just means that based on the data inputs the odds appear to offer value. For example, a 9/1 shot that we believe should be 4/1 should still lose 80% of the time. If you constantly bet with value in the long term you will be profitable.

Details on model profitability and profit expectations can be found here (xG Model).

8. What do all the different fields/statistics mean?

Please see the glossary which includes an explanation of all the data fields provided.


9. Do you have videos on how to use the products?

Guidance videos can be found here – videos. These provide basic guidance on:

  • How to use the spreadsheets and in-play model.
  • The importance of value, betting early and beating the closing line (top tip: never bet at kick-off time, especially in the major leagues as these prices are deemed efficient). Even if the models are showing value to the closing price, these should be avoided. The models do not take account of team news and so the market prices are deemed more accurate than the ones on the spreadsheet.

Guidance and tips are included in the videos section and the following posts: (1) xG Core Guidance, (2) Predictions and Trading, and (3) xG Models.

10. What languages do you provide guidance in?

All the data, headings, guidance, and videos are currently only provided in English.

11. Do you need to be an expert in Microsoft Excel to use the data?

Basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel is required (opening sheets, navigating tabs, applying filters, copying and pasting data).  Please play around with the xG Free version to make sure you are comfortable with how to use and navigate around the spreadsheet.

12. Other questions?

This section will expand as more questions are asked. Feel free to use our contact page or direct message us on Twitter with any additional questions.

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