The key element of profitable football trading is to only bet when there is value in the odds.  The xG Free version includes the output of an advanced Poisson model which enables easy identification of games where there is value in the odds.  xG Core provides all the historical data to allow the creation and backtesting of strategies.  xG Pro provides a range of additional statistics and models.  The PROP Model is a stand alone tool which identifies value from historical goals.  More details on each of the options is below.

Advanced stats and Poisson model across all major leagues.

  • Advanced Poisson model covering both short term and medium term form to help identify value in the betting odds.
  • A range of xG and actual goal statistics.
  • Stats to help in-play traders:
    • xG and Goals split by half.
    • Time periods where goals are more likely.
    • Stats on how a team responds once they have scored/conceded.
  • Leagues included:
    • More details coming soon.
Poisson Predictions

xG Core (Coming Soon)

Advanced stats and Poisson model across all major leagues.

  • xG Free, plus all the historical stats to test out old strategies or create new ones
Poisson Predictions

xG Pro (Coming Soon)

Advanced stats and Poisson model across all major leagues.

  • xG Core, plus:
    • 4 individual xG models covering short term and medium stats.
    • A range of additional stats.
Poisson Predictions

Excel team power ratings and historical odds profitability

  • Team power ratings based on historical goals.
  • Power ratings then converted to odds to look for potential value in games.
  • Profitability by teams and leagues when odds fall within ranges of the current Home and Away Odds Prices.
  • Data updated twice a week including provisional odds for the upcoming games (odds can then be manually overridden as needed).
  • Beginner Poisson model also included.
  • Visit the PROP Model page for more details
PROP Model