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Please check out the main subscriptions page for details on all the subscription options available (subscriptions).

Deliberately landed at this page and want access to xG Pro?

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What is ready and not ready?

The historical data is populated (updated monthly) and the upcoming games files are being updated twice weekly.  Please see the example xG Pro data sheet which contains a small extract of data to allow you to assess whether the data meets your requirements.  An explanation of the data fields can be found in the following key fields document which includes a comparison of xG Pro vs xG Core.  Please note, video guidance remains work-in-progress.

We want to highlight that xG Pro has recently been released and involved a lot of additional coding and calculations which inevitably may lead to bugs appearing in the data.  For an established product, we recommend subscribing to xG Core and you are then welcome to subscribe to xG Pro at a later date. aims to be as transparent as possible and the aim of the website remains to help people make better trading decisions and become long-term profitable.  For any questions or concerns, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us via the Contact Page or via Twitter.  Please also see the questions and answers at the bottom of the main subscription options page.

What next?

If you would like access to xG Pro, then please subscribe below (separate links are available for new subscribers and those wishing to upgrade from xG Core).  Please remember that the set-up process is manual and aims to be completed as soon-as-possible once payment is received.  For alternative payment options or any other questions about xG Pro, please message us through the contact form.

1) xG Pro New Members

Due to only being recently released and the points noted above, the current subscription provides 12 months access for the price of 11.   This has the additional benefit that if you wish to continue subscribing at the end of the 12 month period, you will continue to only pay this reduced rate.  xG Pro members will also have full access to all new releases provided by xG Pro.

2) Existing xG Core Users who want to upgrade?

Please use the option below which is the difference between xG Pro and xG Core.  Similar to new subscribers, due to being newly released the price is discounted for one month of xG Pro Access i.e. ([£10 Pro v Core difference] x 12months) – (£29 for one month of xG Pro).

How does this work with my existing xG Core subscription?

To retain access to xG Pro you will need to keep both the initial xG Core subscription (£228 p.a.) and the new xG Pro upgrade subscription (£91 p.a.) active within PayPal.

If the xG Core subscription gets cancelled then the Pro access will also be cancelled subject to applying time for any additional credit that is remaining (see below).

Hypothetical scenario when cancelling xG Core but have an xG Pro upgrade that started at a later date: An individual subscribed to xG Core on 1Jan22, then upgraded to xGPro on 1July22 but then decided to not renew xG Core at the end of the year.  In this example, from 1Jan23 the remaining portion of the xG Pro upgrade will be used to provide additional time access to xG Pro (e.g. 6 months remaining in this example = [£91 xG Pro Upgrade Cost] * [6 /12 months] =  £45.5 = An additional 1.5 months access to xG Pro until mid-February).  I know that sounds complicated, but hopefully the logic makes sense.

As always, happy to take any questions or comments.