Taking a break is probably not the correct phrase.

As all the major leagues have finished, I’m taking a break from posting the spreadsheets.  Rather than putting my feet up and having a beer, I’ll be spending the time developing a number of additional features for the website.  This includes:

  • Additional stats to help make better trading decisions (H2H stats, outcome of a match once the given team has scored or conceded, last 2 games xG averages regardless of home or away)
  • Historical stats and model predictions to help people who want to backtest strategies.

While that not may sound a lot, it requires a lot of database work to make sure all the historical data is clean and the calculations are feeding through correct.  I hope to trial the new stats on some of the summer leagues and will post updates on twitter when this is ready.

As always, any suggestions feel free to contact via Twitter or the contact form.


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