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Excel 2007 No Longer Supported

A number of people have reported problems when using Excel 2007. It will likely be due to backward compatibility problems with some of the formatting but I am unable to pinpoint the exact problem.   I will point out that Excel 2007 is now 14 years old and is no longer

2020-12-08T15:00:07+00:00December 8th, 2020|
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Export xG data into Excel

Update: the feature to download data to excel is no longer available.  How to export Expected Goal (xG) League Table data into excel? A useful feature of the website is the ability to be able to export xG data into Excel for use in your own systems or analysis.

2022-04-19T03:46:05+00:00February 28th, 2020|
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Upcoming Games – 17 Jan to 20 Jan 2020

In the quest to help everyone make informed trading decisions, footballxg.com is creating a single page excel sheet which will help you in executing effective trades. For example, a team may be putting on a lot pressure in the first 20 mins but how often do they score in the

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